Why MyCheck

A Seamless Solution

We know you have a lot on your plate and we know mobile payments can seem complicated. MyCheck is here to help. We are equipped with advanced technology that can make mobile payments happen, simplify your life and ultimately help your business grow.

POS Integrations

MyCheck integrates to more than 27 different Point of Sale systems around the world, making the mobile experience totally seamless inside the restaurant. No special hardware and no special training. MyCheck extends the power of your Point-of-Sale and gives you an even greater return on your investment. MyCheck's capabilities go way beyond payment at the Point-of-Sale to handle rewards, special offers and discounts, loyalty and more.


With presence in 3 continents stretching around the world, MyCheck has a global approach to building and supporting our implementations. Our worldwide presence gives our restaurant chains and partners the assurance that they can grow with us and that we can handle their needs in any market. This ranges from local POS integration, gateway support, language adaptation, technical support and more.


Your operations will hum with MyCheck technology. Tables are turned faster - up to 10 minutes faster in some cases, which translates into more on your bottom line. Servers are happier with higher tips and less hassle, especially when handling split checks. Guest information at the Point of Sale means you can provide more personalized service. All methods of payment are accepted through our platform - standard credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay. MyCheck makes mobile payment easy.


MyCheck provides an Uber-like experience for your guests. They will feel like VIPs whether they have been to your restaurant once or 1,000 times. No more waiting for the check or the credit card slip. No more fumbling around to figure out how to split the check.

  • Tailor-made offers and rewards.
  • Easy to split the check.
  • Built-in rewards and loyalty
  • Control
  • Order ahead


When signing with MyCheck, you automatically get access to our extensive partner network, which has built apps geared towards the hospitality industry. Customers will see your brand inside their preferred payment apps, like Paypal, and you benefit from the increased traffic, with absolutely nothing more to do or learn at the restaurant level. Simple as that!


MyCheck generates powerful, actionable data on consumption patterns and consumer preferences. The security of this data is paramount. In addition to being PCI DSS Level 1 compliant for credit card processing, every aspect of MyCheck's platform architecture is built with security in mind. Protecting consumers from fraud. Ensuring regulatory compliance. Preserving the integrity of your customer information.



MyCheck factsheet provides comprehensive information on how we create mobile payment solutions like no other companies. Our platform has a proven record of transforming the guest experience and increasing customer engagement through simple and seamless integration.