Chains and apps: a new way of reaching customers

by MyCheck

December 28 2015

It all started with Starbucks. Back in 2009, one of the world’s most famous retailers launched its mobile card app in a few stores. Customers could pay via barcode scanned at the point of sale. By 2013, mobile payments represented 13% of Starbucks’ total sales volume, with over 8 million consumers using its app to pay. (source: It’s an outstanding scenario for just a single chain.

Bearing in mind the incredible case of Starbucks, restaurant chains started looking for ways to enter the app world. In the beginning, the primary function of these apps was to help customers find the nearest location and allow them to look at the menu. Now, chains are adding more components to their apps and working to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. Dunkin’ Donuts, Domino’s and Chipotle are just a few examples of chains that offer ordering, paying and promotion in their platforms, making the customer’s experience more convenient and also speeding up the restaurant’s operation process. 

Given its astonishing mobile penetration, Brazil has a huge potential in terms of reaching customers via apps, so digital innovation is the next step to follow. Brazilian chains see it mainly as an efficient way of communicating and strengthening their ties with their customers. Promotions and loyalty programs was the first step; now, features like ordering ahead, paying for their purchase and skipping the line became top priorities to guarantee the perfect wow experience.

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